Monday, April 7, 2008

Sh#* Happens

I got in last night at 11:45 from a show in Atlanta. And yes, I am back in the shop gearing up for 2 shows this weekend. I'll be in Asheville teaching at a studio called Earthspeak Arts, and Norm and Drew are headed down to Miami to exhibit in the Interweave Beadfest. Life goes on, as usual.

I met up with Barbara McGuire, and talked with her about her new exciting DVD's coming out, and all the workshops she's been doing. She's heading to Ohio this week to do some more work. Barbara is such a classy lady. She's going to be doing more classes here at Expressive Impressions, and at the Down The Street Bead Shows. Rick and Audrey's Down The Street Bead Show is a great little bead show. Rick is a very fair promoter, and we get some really good instructors and great Artists in these shows, if you are ever on the East Coast, you should check out this show.

Now I'm going to spill out my "goat" of the day. If you sign up to take a class with an instructor, you should make an effort to go to that class. This is how we are able to offer good classes and quality instructors. If you don't show up for a class that you have pre-registered for you cause a domino effect. The classes falsely fill up, the instructor over buys materials and tools (out of their own pockets,) and this is how we instructors make our living. Do you stand up the doctor? No, because he charges you anyway. Do you arrive at your job in the morning only to hear,"Oh, we don't have any work for you today, so you're not getting paid." Well, when you don't show up, we don't get paid. We've still paid our rent to the promoters, paid our hotel bills/expenses, and bought all the materials for you to use. Plus we may have given up the date for another show to honor the appointment made for you. And the fact that you registered bumps out a seat for someone that might actually have shown up.

You complain about how expensive the "big" bead show classes are... well this is why! You have to pay in advance, and you are paying a middle man. But we instructors get paid even if you don't show up. Now I hate to take deposits and I don't want people to have to pay deposits, because that's money that quite frankly could be earning you interest in your bank account, or buying this weeks groceries, but this may be what more and more of us will have to do.

All of us instructors are artists first. We don't like the $$$ part of the business, but when it comes down to it, it's the $$$ that count as much as I hate to admitt it. If you want to keep good instructors coming to your local bead shops and attending your local bead shows, start supporting the instructors and artists that exhibit at them. Give them the credit they deserve. Buy the Artists work, don't just copy it. Take a class, don't just watch or interupt by asking enough questions that you think you can figure it out.

I teach over 100 classes a year. But I squeeze in as many classes on my few days off as I can manage. I volunter to teach classes so that I can be compt classes. I assist other instructors so that I can learn from them. It is only April and I have already signed up, paid for, shown up to, and taken 6 classes myself. I am teaching 5 classes in Milwaukee at the Bead and Button Show. On the only day I have off, I am taking a class...and paying full price for it.

Support you artists and instructors or they will disappear.

ok, I'm done. Never mind. I feel better now. I know... I'm preaching to the choir.