Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy, busy, where do I begin. Okay, we're moving to Myrtle Beach. We are down sizing yet again, and moving into our little beach get-a-way full time. We travel so much that we are hardly ever home, so we decided to just move to our vacation spot! Makes since don't you think, cause when we're not on the road that's where we want to be. Gotta be out of the apartment by July 31, gotta be out of the studio by August 31. In the mean time, I'm schedules to film 2 episodes of Beads, Baubles and Jewels in Cleveland on Tuesday, go to my 30th high school class reunion in the middle of July, write instructions for a Bead and Button project for Octobers issue, work on my project proposals for Beadfest Santa Fe, Beadfest Wire, and Bead and Button 2012, and I also found out today that I may have a late September deadline for book #2 in which I haven't even started yet. In the mean time I'm keeping up with my 2011 teaching schedule which includes 5 more weeks of William Holland, Beadfest Bead, CREATE in Chicago, Beadfest Houston and Wire Masters in Laguna, Beach. Some where in there I have to set up the new studio! Can I do it? Yes I can!