Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Week filming with Beaducation

The week before last, Beaducation flew me and my husband, Norm out to San Carlos, Californian to film classes for their on line store. We had a good flight leaving cold weather in Charlotte, North Carolina, despite having a 2 hour snow/ice delay in Detroit, Michigan. But I had the best Udon soup I've ever had while waiting for our flight, so I didn't complain. The flights were pleasant, we flew Delta. We were met at the airport by the wonderful and charming Kate Richbourg. She whisked us off to the Beaducation office to drop off my tools and go over the schedule for the next day. It's 8:00ish her time, but 11:00ish our time, so I'm like a zombie. Then we go to a cute new pub for dinner. It's now 12:00ish in my mind. Great food though!
The next day I was picked up by Kate leaving Norm with a peck on the cheek and on his own to occupy his day. We were in a great location for him to walk around and explore and the weather was gorgeous. All the Beaducation staff were great! Especially Rocko! The French Bull dog! Filming went well, I was a little nervous and giggled through the front shots, which they say they will black mail me with in a blooper series. But when the day was over, I felt good, everyone made me fell special. I was treated like a star! All three days or filming were a blast. I was made to feel very comfortable, it was very laid back, I truly enjoyed myself.
Let's talk about the food...the first night was good, but the food just got better as the week went on. We had Thai, Mexican, English Pub, Sushi, and Mediterranean. Needless to say it was very difficult to stay on my New Years Diet, but I wasn't too bad. I came home only 3lbs heavier than I went, and I had it back off in one week. Norm and I had a great time, and I would love to be invited back some time, next time we'll take Chase, so he and Norm can ride the train into San Fransisco!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Days

When snow days come about, we all revert back to our childhoods when we used to patiently wait for the announcement that school was canceled. We plan all the things we are going to do on our unexpected day off. Catch up on unread books, tackle the unorganized closet, get caught up on just about everything you've procrastinated on for the last year! And before you know it the day is over and you've done nothing but cruise facebook and read jokes people have been e-mailing you for the last month. Now I need another snow day to do the things I was supposed to do before this was proclaimed a snow day!