Thursday, November 12, 2009

Okay, it's finally here!

Well I've been talking about it for almost 2 years, and it is really and truly here. I've gotten a signed contract, and an advance check in the mail. It is finally time to really start working on "the book." I got a brand new computer today, it has nothing on it. It's like getting a brand new spiral notebook with all the bright empty lined pages staring back at you. I've got the first load of tools at the "beach bungalo"as Nora dubbed it. I've invited my good friend Karen down for Thanksgiving weekend and New Years Eve weekend to help me come up with some of the 30+ projects that I am going to need. Norm and I have one more weekend show together in Atlanta week after next, then I am working completely on "the book" and Chases school work until March. I would like to have a few other friends down between now and then as well to kick projects around with me too. My deadline is April 15, 2010but my goal is to have it pretty much wrapped up by the first of March. Starting in March I have two big national shows to attend. I am teaching at the first annual Adorn Me show in Houston, Texas and at the Beadfest Santa Fe Show in New Mexico. In April my William Holland Lapidary Schoold schedule starts back up. As usual, I will probably not be very loyal with keeping up with the blogging, but I'll try. Ta!