Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Update in the life of the St.Jeans through random ramblings.

Well, it is once again fall. I can't believe yet another year is spinning down to a close. So much happened this year it should have been spread out over at least two years, but no, we St. Jeans cram as much in as we can. Let's see, book 2 is with the publishers and being edited and they are doing the magic that they do. The title is Metal Magic- Etch, Enamel, Pierce and Set Stunning Jewelry. It is going to be debuted at the Bead and Button 2012 show. We are on our way to the last two National shows of the year, Beadfest Arlington and Wire Masters Laguna Beach. We are driving so that we can haul all of the tools, so we are dissecting the U.S. out and back in a 3 week jaunt. Chase is not with us this year, we found an awesome private school for him to attend at our new home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He loves it and is blooming! Unfortunately that means he has to stay with his grandparents while we are on the road, or that I have to do them without Norm. Norm has really stepped up and become the best Mr. Mom on Earth. This spring and next fall I will probably be enlisting an intern or assistant. We just can't stand both of us being away from Chase for too long. So if you like to travel all over the US let me know, there's no pay, but I'm a lot of fun! Ha Don't everyone apply at once. On a happy note, our daughter decided to marry her long time boyfriend...they've been dating on and off since they were in about the 7th grade. They got back together about 3 years ago and decided to make it permanent. Their wedding was on the same day that my book was due, so it was like I gave birth and gave away my oldest all on the same day! The wedding was perfect due to Nora's fabulous new Mother-in-law whom is also named Kim. My family keeps it simple for me, I have a very difficult time remembering names so my mom and my mother in law are both named Patricia, my son and my son in law are both named Chase, and my daughters mother (me) and her mother in law are both named Kim. How's that for accommodating!? We've moved permanently to our beach cabin....well....ok...trailer! All right I've said it, I now live in a trailer, but it is on THE BEACH! It's cute and we're lovin' it. No more mortgage or hassle. It does take longer to get EVERY WHERE. We have to drive 2 hours just to get to the interstate. But it is worth it. We have a studio in Little River, which is just another section of Myrtle Beach. It's known for it's shrimp and crabs. Of coarse Norm won't eat either one! We haven't had time to unpack the boxes and set it up yet, but it's going to be great once we do. We are in a strip with two pottery studios and a little cafe'. They even have a raku pit and have a big firing party every quarter, of course I've missed two already, but I get to one eventually. When my daughter was little she used to say, "I hate ebentually?" I think I'll go take my A. D. D. medication now and let you be! Bye.