Monday, January 23, 2012

Towel Tales

I am a very fortunate woman! My husband Norm does the laundry! How did I manage this you may ask!? Reverse the male psychology of "acting dumb and making stupid mistakes!". Genius! When your relationship first starts, turn all of his underwear and socks pink a couple of times, he'll take over the laundry duty! See, I don't mind pink underwear! Well anyway, the down side to this is the nagging I get about stains on my clothes. I have a bad habit of wiping my hands on my backside in the studio. Eventually enough pickle on you shirt tails and your shirt is full of holes and stains. I have the solution now, I pin a hand towel to one of my belt loops or the front of my apron with a big antique diaper pin. When I instinctively go to my backside with my wet hands, they brush against the towel and I remember to use it instead of my shirt tails. So whom has who trained? On the Eco friendly side of this towel tail, I use far less paper towels now too!


jEaN said...

Great idea, Kim! I have ruined so many pieces of clothing that I have stained or splashed full of holes with Novacan :-(

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Omgodness this is right out of my life! I also went grocery shopping and spent 3x what the hubby no more grocery shopping for me! Funny!