Sunday, February 22, 2009

Leaving Town Again

Leaving town is a two sided coin. I look forward to the new people, and experiences I always have when I go out of town to teach at a show or other venue, but I don't like the actual leaving. Of course we all hate the packing and tying to remember everything we're going to need while we are away, that's not what I'm talking about. It's the "guilt" of being away. Traveling seems on the surface to be a glamorous profession, but it rarely is. We are not exempt from the duties of home, they are merely postponed. Believe me, they are all waiting for you as soon as you step back into your house. It is a law, I believe, that anything and everything that can go wrong, will as soon as you embark on a business trip. Your dog sitter gets sick, the hot water heater quits working, the biggest snow storm ever recorded hits town. It never fails. Each time I leave on a trip, I think to myself, next year I'm not going to schedule this many trips. But while your at the show and everyone is excited and motivated, they ask if you'll come back soon, and in the emotional high, you say "of course I will, how soon would you like me back!" I can't help it, I love being out there working with people. I love seeing how excited my students get when they learn a new skill. I love the look of "ah ha...that's how you do that" the students get when you share a new skill. I love the look of accomplishment they have when they finish a project that they never thought they'd be able to do. So will I do less shows next year? Probably not, no, hopefully not. So...I'll see you out there somewhere. And if I don't come anywhere close to you, call me, I'll schedule you in too! insert "they're coming to take me away" crazy laugh!

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